About Us

'Enheduanna - A Manifesto of Falling' Live Brain-Computer Cinema Performance. ©2015 Polina Zioga & Catherine M. Weir.
‘Enheduanna – A Manifesto of Falling’ Live Brain-Computer Cinema Performance. ©2015 Polina Zioga & Catherine M. Weir.

The use of interactivity in the advertising, film and media sector is already driving the present and future of audience engagement. It creates new audience experiences and leverages new audience insight, but the development and production of interactive media and film can be complex and challenging, and the design of interactive audience research requires specialist expertise.

The Interactive Filmmaking Lab, founded on innovative research, and led by Dr Polina Zioga, is a creative research and production team of researchers, creative and film industry professionals, and technical specialists, with more than 15 years of creative professional experience and insight.

Transcending disciplinary boundaries, the lab’s work combines creativity (moving image), methodologies from the cognitive sciences (Electroencephalography and Neurocinematics), and interactive technologies (360o video, Virtual Reality, Motion Capture and Brain-Computer Interfaces). We produce innovative interactive film and media productions from start to finish; we offer advice and support on any stage of an interactive production; we design, conduct and analyse bespoke audience research using new innovative methodologies; and we train the new generation of interactive filmmakers and media professionals.

The lab’s work has been presented and published worldwide including leading international conferences and journals for the Interactive Film and Media, Film Audiences, the use of Contemporary Science and Technology in the Arts, and the Human Neuroscience. Previous projects by the Interactive Filmmaking Lab have been presented at The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, and have been featured on the AramcoWorld, the TechWorld, The Guardian technology podcast, and The Conversation.

Whether you are a business interested in interactive advertising; a film and media company looking to develop an interactive production; a business or a filmmaker trying to better understand your audience, we offer:
– Interactive Film, Media and Advertising Production
– Interactive Media Consultancy
– User Experience and
Audience Research and Development
– Interactive Filmmaking Training