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New Services!

We have been quiet lately, but for a good reason. After more than five years of Research and Development in Interactive Film and Media, we have decided to take the next step in our journey and offer our services to you!

The reason is simple. The use of interactivity in the advertising, film and media sector is already driving the present and future of audience engagement. It creates new audience experiences and leverages new audience insight, but the development and production of interactive media and film can be complex and challenging, and the design of interactive audience research requires specialist expertise.

Whether you are a business interested in interactive advertising; a film and media company looking to develop an interactive production; a business or a filmmaker trying to better understand your audience, we offer:

  • Interactive Film, Media and Advertising Production
  • Interactive Media Consultancy
  • User Experience and Audience Research and Development
  • Interactive Filmmaking Training

Interested to find out more? Interact with us!